Live Art, Visual Minutes

Live art performances are interactive and entertaining but very challenging as the audience is focussed on you as if you were on a stage. In addition to that, the ‘performance’ is usually short in duration and you must finish the work quickly. It’s very satisfying to ‘nail it’ towards the end of the performance.

Visual minutes are the visual ‘notes’ taken in meetings with a specific goal in mind. The aim is to get to the core of an organisation’s discussion and set it out in simple terms and in an entertaining way. Many minds are focussed on you and the challenge is to visually record multiple opinions and viewpoints coherently and in a unified way. That may take the form of whiteboard marker drawings on a board or a large drawing or painting. You may have to make many changes in the course of a drawing. Visual minutes may be photographed and later reworked into a more defined image if need be. I feel a sense of achievement when I have clarified the direction of an organisation, thanks to the wonderful medium of drawing!

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